Wonderful year!!  Dec.17

Every Monday morning, I go to a dance club.
It’s very fun and makes me healthy.

Previously, I liked playing tennis, table tennis, and playing the piano etc.
I almost played alone to enjoy sports, in other word I like such kinds of sports.
But now, I can’t dance alone, and I usually dance with my teammates.

Of course, if I were the greatest dancer, I must dance alone on the stage.
But unfortunately, I am not good at dancing.

On that day, it was November 25th, we were dancing in front of many people.
Because it was our dance recital day.

I was obviously nervous about a dance performance because it was the first time to go on the stage to wear a stage costume, makeup, and fake eyelashes.

Those were unknown territory for me.
I danced only one program, but it was just enough for me.

By the way, this evening, I received a message from a teacher that she said to us please download from “Line’s time line “our photographs freely.

When I looked at the pictures, I found I couldn’t smile and dropped my eyes while dancing.
But other dancers were smiling brightly.
It was very very nice!!

This year will end soon.
And this experiences were important thing for me.
I’II never forget about the recital.

I really appreciate my teacher, member, family, friend, and my students who came to see this recital.
I thought I didn’t have a good this year, but I don’t think so now.

This year was nice and also I want to have a wonderful year next year!!

-English learner-

Shining road  Dec.16

I was very busy as I taught 5 students today.
My lesson is one to one style, in other word it’s a private lesson.
In the afternoon, I had to install Office 2016 program to student’s pc while teaching her.

The weather is getting cold and raining from around 3 p.m.
I don’t like a rainy day, I think probably almost people feel like me.
The laundry can’t dry outside and I can’t go out anywhere to get fun.
But in the evening, I receive my daughter’s message to thank to my gift.

Today was busy day, but I felt happy just this one thing.
Happiness is in our heart.

When I lived Tsuyama city, I was 23 years old.
In winter morning, I get up early as my room is bright strangely and open the room curtain to look over the parking outside.

If I can see a lot of snow on the ground, I get down from 2 floor to the parking and wind the tire chain.
And then, I begin driving my car slowly and carefully to go.

It’s repeated to her.
Destiny is a mystery.

-English learner-

Peaceful life  Dec.15. 2018

Today, I went to Okayama city to buy some cookies for my daughter.
There is a famous old bakery which name is “Mozart” at “Kencho Dori”.
My daughter likes cookies so I sent a cookie gift for her cause she lives far away.

Until 7 years ago, I lived in this city, but now I moved for another city.
I love many old buildings and stores which are near “Omotecho Shotenkai”, because I used to play there with my friends on the streets when I was a child.

Long time ago, I had a dream that I wanted to live alone in a small pretty apartment.
In the morning, I give some water to flowers in the porch and then I get to the cafe which is at the downstairs.
I sit the window seat and read a novel while drinking a coffee.
Casually, I find a cat outside a window, but at that time he runs away quietly.
After that I get back my room and write a story as listening to music.

I dreamed of such a peaceful life in the past.
Actually, life is not so easy but now, I think it’s not so bad.

-English learner-