Wonderful year!!  Dec.17

Every Monday morning, I go to a dance club.
It’s very fun and makes me healthy.

Previously, I liked playing tennis, table tennis, and playing the piano etc.
I almost played alone to enjoy sports, in other word I like such kinds of sports.
But now, I can’t dance alone, and I usually dance with my teammates.

Of course, if I were the greatest dancer, I must dance alone on the stage.
But unfortunately, I am not good at dancing.

On that day, it was November 25th, we were dancing in front of many people.
Because it was our dance recital day.

I was obviously nervous about a dance performance because it was the first time to go on the stage to wear a stage costume, makeup, and fake eyelashes.

Those were unknown territory for me.
I danced only one program, but it was just enough for me.

By the way, this evening, I received a message from a teacher that she said to us please download from “Line’s time line “our photographs freely.

When I looked at the pictures, I found I couldn’t smile and dropped my eyes while dancing.
But other dancers were smiling brightly.
It was very very nice!!

This year will end soon.
And this experiences were important thing for me.
I’II never forget about the recital.

I really appreciate my teacher, member, family, friend, and my students who came to see this recital.
I thought I didn’t have a good this year, but I don’t think so now.

This year was nice and also I want to have a wonderful year next year!!

-English learner-


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