Shining road  Dec.16

I was very busy as I taught 5 students today.
My lesson is one to one style, in other word it’s a private lesson.
In the afternoon, I had to install Office 2016 program to student’s pc while teaching her.

The weather is getting cold and raining from around 3 p.m.
I don’t like a rainy day, I think probably almost people feel like me.
The laundry can’t dry outside and I can’t go out anywhere to get fun.
But in the evening, I receive my daughter’s message to thank to my gift.

Today was busy day, but I felt happy just this one thing.
Happiness is in our heart.

When I lived Tsuyama city, I was 23 years old.
In winter morning, I get up early as my room is bright strangely and open the room curtain to look over the parking outside.

If I can see a lot of snow on the ground, I get down from 2 floor to the parking and wind the tire chain.
And then, I begin driving my car slowly and carefully to go.

It’s repeated to her.
Destiny is a mystery.

-English learner-


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