Peaceful life  Dec.15. 2018

Today, I went to Okayama city to buy some cookies for my daughter.
There is a famous old bakery which name is “Mozart” at “Kencho Dori”.
My daughter likes cookies so I sent a cookie gift for her cause she lives far away.

Until 7 years ago, I lived in this city, but now I moved for another city.
I love many old buildings and stores which are near “Omotecho Shotenkai”, because I used to play there with my friends on the streets when I was a child.

Long time ago, I had a dream that I wanted to live alone in a small pretty apartment.
In the morning, I give some water to flowers in the porch and then I get to the cafe which is at the downstairs.
I sit the window seat and read a novel while drinking a coffee.
Casually, I find a cat outside a window, but at that time he runs away quietly.
After that I get back my room and write a story as listening to music.

I dreamed of such a peaceful life in the past.
Actually, life is not so easy but now, I think it’s not so bad.

-English learner-



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